Users in Nigeria are usually looking for the best quality of products for a reasonable price. Users usually use price comparison websites and apps to compare prices in Nigeria and secure the best deal for the products. However these stores do not sometimes provide accurate data to users as the product could have already gone out of stock. 

Online shopping stores in Nigeria provides various products from phones, computers, electrical appliances, clothes and accessories, and kitchenware. Top online stores in Nigeria include Jumia, Konga, Payporte, and Kara. Imagine the nightmare of visiting each store when your trying to find the best price of a product. In this article will discuss Chekiprice Nigeria.

What is Chekiprice?

Chekiprice, is a real-time price comparison website that provides a platform to compare the prices of products in online stores.

Chekiprice Nigeria was release on the early 2020 with aim of simplifying product searches in Nigeria. Chekiprice achieves this by using Artificial Intelligence to sort products after retrieving them from various sources in Realtime.

Chekiprice provides extensive information about products in the Nigerian online market. The website gives users a platform to analyze the products specs against their prices compared to other stores and choose the one that suits them best. With checkiprice, you will have over 40 stores to compare prices from. The stores are distributed across the country; therefore, the website serves all Nigerians.

Why choose Chekiprice ?

  • Efficiency: Chekiprice helps you save time and be more efficient while shopping. The platform provides comprehensive information about online stores across Nigeria at zero cost.

  • Realtime Price Comparison: Chekiprice allows online shoppers to compare up-to-date prices, shipping fees, and merchants services on a single page.

  • AI: Chekiprice has AI that filters products. The AI-powered filtering analyses websites to pick meaningful data for the appropriate product. The AI ensures precision during product matching.

How does Chekiprice work?

Chekiprice is simple, clear, and transparent. The website is user-friendly and very easy to use.  When searching, Chekiprice has ready made categories which you can choose from. You can also customize your search by selecting a group of individual stores. The website performs sorting of products based on your search using AI.


There is no doubt online shopping in Nigeria and the rest of Africa is the next big thing. Day by day we see more stores in Africa transitioning to the online space. Chekiprice is at the cutting age of the transition by providing space for discovery for the less popular stores amongst the bigger popular stores.